Woodworking Projects

Handmade by Jon Palmer

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This table is for my Dad, who taught me to sail. It's Mahogany with a compass rose inlay of maple, ebony, purpleheart, white oak and holly. Feb-Aug 2009

Jill needed a monitor stand that would be a specific height, so after deciding on that height with books and other spacers, I set to building this. Spring 2009

I really wanted to explore fretless bass, so it was easy to leap straight to "Well, why not just build one?" :-)

It was time for some nice, comfy chairs for us to enjoy. Pretty much had to be Morris Chairs of course. :-) The upholstery is by The Uphosltery Shop in the Spring Branch/I-10 area.

This table is made from some cherry sourced from property in my wife's family. Its design is inspired by several Stickley tabourets in a collection of articles from his magazine, The Craftsman.

Huzzah! A project which gets to stay at our house! November '05 through January '06

This project was also for friends, celebrating their son's birth as well as their new house. October-November '05

This project was for friends, celebrating their firstborn. April-September '05

This was the first piece I did that really felt like fine furniture. It is Quartersawn White Oak, made from and article in Gustav Stickley's magazine. January-February '05

Knocked this together so I could carry some hand tools to a dovetailing class in January '06.

Here are a few projects which were quick and fun, as well as instructional!

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